• Horizontal Pig Traps designed for Launchers (2 Unit) and Bi-directional (3 Unit) function.
  • NACE-MR0175-2009 compliance for sour service.
  • QOC (Quick Opening Closure) Imported from Italy.
  • Design Pressure Rating from 93 Barg to 243 Barg .
  • Total 181 valves assembled (size varies from 1" to 12"), with total 3,040 studs (dia. varies from ⅝ " to 2" and length varies from 4" to 20 1⁄2").
  • Procurement of Pig Signals, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Safety Valves, Angle Choke Valves and many more.
  • Estimated and supplied spares for commissioning and 2 Year operation or reassembly at the client facility. ​


Standalone design and fabrication of Total 5 (12″X16″ 1500# – Qty 1, 12″X16″ 600# – Qty 1, 10″X14″ 600# – Qty 1, 10″X14″ 900# – Qty 2) pig traps for sub-cellar deck of Mizton platform to the FPSO. Procurement of NACE compliant piping and fittings as per the project specification. Fast paced parallel fabrication in our shop with zero material deviation, no hydro test leak, and no alignment defects. Constructed without skid; supported on sliding saddles as per pipe stress load calculation. Shipped with itemized tag indication for reassembly at the client facility. ​

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